Subsidy program

Check whether your home is eligible for an insulation subsidy program. Live in a warmer, cooler building thanks to good insulation.


Insulate your walls for $0

  • 1950s bungalow
  • Approximate living area 30ft x 26ft (length by width)
  • Approximate total area of 760sq.ft. excluding door and window openings
  • Single-storey
  • 8′ high walls
  • Plaster or wood walls
  • Walls with a minimum clearance of 2.125pc behind a clean, unobstructed partition whose materials are in good condition and correctly assembled.
  • The space to be treated must be completely free of mineral or plant fiber insulation.
  • A liquid vapour barrier should be added to replace the existing one.
Réno Climat - Green Home Program

Ask for a quote to find out how much the work will cost for your home.


  • Own the property within a radius of 75km from Quebec City. (For distances over 75km, travel expenses apply)
  • Building and site conditions comply with current laws and standards.
  • Wall insulation work is eligible for the subsidy of $3300 from the Canadian Green Home Program.
  • The work only involves insulating the walls of a building.
  • The areas and walls to be treated must be accessible, clear and safe.
  • The building materials are in good condition and allow the injection of 2pc of insulation for a minimum increase in thermal value of R-9 as recognized by the Rénoclimat grant program.
  • Have insulate 100% of the walls of the building envelope, as recognized by the Rénoclimat program.

The work concerns only:

  • Drilling of walls to be insulated in wood or plaster up to 1.5pc thick.
  • Insulation injection of 2.125pc of ECOBILL MD/® insulation.
  • Closure of plaster injection holes, wooden dowels and matching hole covers for cabinet bottoms.

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Check out our case study

See a 2018 case study based on energy efficiency analysis reports, before and after work, conducted by an expert firm commissioned by Transition Énergétique Québec.

You can also view the analysis reports before and after the injection insulation work. We carried out the work in an inhabited dwelling in a total of 8 hours. This time includes the start of work up to collection and clean-up after isolation.

case study duplex 1959 insulation


Find your insulation contractor

If you meet all the above conditions, request a quote from one of our accredited contractors in the Inject-Styrene network.

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Injection options

Ecobill MD/® insulation is produced by injecting agglomerated polystyrene microbeads to fill air gaps of 1 inch (2.5 cm) minimum and 16 inches (40 cm) maximum. In addition to its high thermal value, Injected Microbead Insulation provides excellent control over air movement.


    • Interior wall
    • Cathedral roof
    • Floor, Ceiling
    • Edge joist
    • Interior foundation wall
injection possibility


Sequence of work

The Inject-Styrene process stands out for its simplicity, originality and technical features, its energy efficiency comparable to the best insulating materials on the market, and its superior ecological and environmental performance.

Discover the sequence of works for the injection of recycled microbeads.

bead injection preparation

Preparing for injection

25 mm diameter holes are drilled in your wall or partition to inject the polystyrene insulation.

bead injection preparation

Insulation injection

Recycled polystyrene microbeads are injected into the wall or partition, insulating it without demolition.

wall closure injection work

Closing after injection

Wood or plaster, the wall can be resealed immediately after injection. This makes it possible to achieve complete, effective insulation in a short space of time, without having to demolish the walls.

An ecological and economical solution.

completion of injection work

Finalizing the work

Older buildings generally lack an effective vapour barrier to combat moisture migration inside the walls.

This moisture migration, which is bound to cause a great deal of damage over time, can be stopped by applying a vapour-barrier paint. A simple and highly effective method, when applied as recommended. Ask your professional for more information.