Here are 3 good reasons not to inject polystyrene microbeads (PSE) without a binding agent.

  • The walls are empty and the polystyrene microbeads are leaking.
  • The insulation is faulty.
  • It’s an ecological disaster.

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Inject-Styrene Technology is the exclusive North American manufacturer-distributor of Inject-Styrene demolition-free insulation technology. We specialize in the design, manufacture and distribution of blown-in polystyrene insulation.

Our energy-efficient “ecomaterials” insulation, made from 25% to 50% top-quality recycled polystyrene, insulates your building using microbead injection technology.

Sustainability award: 2019

Inject-Styrène Technologie won the Sustainable Development Distinction at the 35th Contech Building Exhibition in Montreal, held in November 2019.


Insulation technology without demolition

Inject-Styrene insulation technology uses polystyrene microbeads to insulate walls without demolition. What’s more, microbead injection is one of the most effective technologies for filling and fitting everything in the partition.

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Why bead-blown insulation?

Injecting polystyrene microbeads to insulate all parts of your building is the ideal insulation method. You can see the benefits and properties for yourself.


No loss of insulation

Without demolition


Our latest news

The injection of polystyrene (PSE) microbeads with a binding agent.

Here are 3 good reasons not to inject polystyrene microbeads (PSE) without a binding agent. Are the walls empty? The microbeads are tiny, between .05 and 3 mm in diameter. They are made up of 98% air and only 2% matter, therefore as light as air. A simple breath of...

Special collection for polystyrene

Today’s edition of La Presse presents a fine example of innovation and collaboration between organizations involved in polystyrene recovery and recycling.

Isolation Éco-Concept – Winner 2021: Energy efficiency

One of our accredited members, Isolation Éco-Concept, is the 2021 winner of the APCHQ’s Les Galons contest in the Energy Efficiency category.

Good insulation doesn’t always mean comfort and energy efficiency

In the past, residential energy consumption was seasonal. In winter, we heated, and in summer we opened the windows.

The environment : The true cost of building materials

Rising building materials prices have made headlines in recent months.

Beware of radon during renovations!

Renovations to reduce your heating bill are a good thing… provided you don’t increase your risk of lung cancer from radon!

Residual materials management: What are the solutions?

The impact of construction, renovation and demolition waste continues to weigh heavily on the environmental footprint of Quebec’s building sector.

Isolation Godin: A second contractor now accredited by Inject-Styrene.

Great news: a second Ecobill.® contractor is now accredited by Inject-Styrene. We've been working on it for a long time, and now it's done! On Monday, July 5, 2021, Isolation Godin, a contractor specializing in insulation and lagging for over 15 years, becomes the...

Opt for vapour-barrier paint

Latex-based vapour-barrier primers can be twice as effective as those required by the Code.

Insurers who no longer insure your old homes.

What value are you left with if you sell them and they are no longer insurable? Will they still be financeable?


A product that supports the environment

Improving energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of existing buildings are core objectives of Quebec’s Energy Transition Master Plan. Supporting the development of a new market for recycled EPS polystyrene is also one of the Quebec government’s priorities when it comes to processing residual plastics.

Exceeding Recyc-Québec’s recommended targets for reducing construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) waste on worksites, Inject-Styrène Technologie asked itself why not take post-consumer EPS polystyrene, a high-performance insulator, and turn it into polystyrene-injected insulation.


Members and partners?

Sustainable development - Seeing green
groupe gagnon eco-captation recycling
polystyrene foam insulation
Business Development Bank of Canada


Our insulation products

Our insulating products are made from rigid polystyrene, factory-produced in panel form. Our type of insulation is injected into your walls with a water-based acrylic binder to create an agglomerate that will dry and set in a few days.

> Ecobill MD/®
> Isobill MD/®
> Technical data sheet Écobill MD/®
> Environmental impact
> Energy efficiency


Our equipment

Find the equipment you need for bead blown insulation. The equipment comprises a compressed-air injection gun, a binder pressure pot, an air and binder supply hose, a suction hose and a transport cart.


Our services

We’ll guide you through the little-known insulation process we offer. It’s important for us to give you the information you need to insulate your building.



Everything you need to know to become an accredited contractor, plus the training you’ll need to practice this insulation process.

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Research & Development

Research & Development

All the technical advantages of the polystyrene injection process. Different fields of application by supporting research and development.

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Inject-Styrene Technology

Inject-Styrene Technology

Inject-Styrene Technologie is the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor of Inject-Styrene technology. Our team has developed business relationships with partners and suppliers of choice, whose collaboration and sharing of their know-how are essential to the realization and pursuit of our mission.

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inject-styrène technologie accredited member

Our contractor network

We have recently developed a network of accredited insulation contractors to offer Inject-Styrene technology throughout Quebec. This network was set up to ensure quality control, integrity and transparency.

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