About us

Learn more about our company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of polystyrene foam insulation. Inject-Styrene Technologie is the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor of INJECT-STYRENE technology.

Our blown polystyrene insulation is a high-performance eco-material made from 25% to 50% premium-quality post-consumer polystyrene (EPS). Blown recycled polystyrene insulation can significantly improve the energy efficiency of buildings in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way.


Inject-Styrene Technology

Inject-Styrene Technology to develop business relationships with select partners and suppliers whose reputations are well established, and whose collaboration and sharing of know-how are essential to the realization and pursuit of our mission.

inject-styrene technology

Our vision

Green technology

Inject-Styrene technology provides a permanent, environmentally-friendly solution for the energy-efficient renovation of existing buildings – a key factor in combating and adapting to climate change.

High-performance, easy-to-use products

Post-consumer expanded polystyrene is an excellent thermal insulator, and can be used to create high-performance, recyclable blown-in thermal insulation.

Innovating in the circular economy

Supporting the recovery of post-consumer polystyrene waste into top-quality eco-materials.

Play a major role in enhancing the value of existing buildings

Recycling is much better suited than demolition to the pursuit of responsible, sustainable urban development (enhancing the value of existing buildings and reducing CRD waste).

Our mission

Insulating materials

Inject-Styrène Technologie’s mission is to develop and market top-quality, high-performance insulating materials with low ecological impact.

A new life

Inject-Styrène Technologies’ mission is to find a new life for post-consumer polystyrene, while meeting the economic challenges of energy efficiency in buildings.

Our objectives

  • Offer innovative products.
  • Maintain an exceptional level of product and service quality throughout its territory.
  • Commit to the research and development of quality products, equipment and services to support our customers and partners.




Our company history

Since 2014, Inject-Styrene Technologie has put several efforts into developing an insulation technology in North America to offer a non-demolition insulation process.


Exclusive distribution

Inject-Styrene Technology obtains exclusive distribution rights for this process in Canada – United States


Registered trademark

Registered trademark of Écobill MD® and Isobill MD®.
Industry standards can/ulc S-701


First accredited member

Isolation Éco-Concept becomes the first accredited member in Quebec.


Award: Sustainable development

Sustainable development recognition from Contech Bâtiment de Montréal


Several updates

Over a hundred projects completed.
Rénoclimat energy efficiency analysis results
Expansion of distribution network in Montreal and Jonquière
Ecohabitation partnership


New accredited member

New accredited contractor in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean: Isolation Godin
Over 150 projects completed using Inject-Styrene technology


Distinction and recognition

Our company continues to grow. As a result, we have received numerous awards and recognitions for our innovative, environmentally friendly, demolition-free insulation technology. See for yourself the awards we’re proud to have won.

Développement Durable Voir Vert 2019 Contech Bâtiment

Contech Building Exhibition in Montreal.

Sustainability award: 2019

Inject-Styrène Technologie won the Sustainable Development Distinction at the 35th Contech Building Exhibition in Montreal, held in November 2019.

A distinction won thanks to our Ecobill insulation product. Made from 25-50% recycled polystyrene microbeads, this new solution can be used to insulate old buildings without demolition.

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Sustainable development

Polystyrene is a material composed of 98% air and only 2% matter. What’s more, our polystyrene-blown insulation is made from 25% and 50% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Zero demolition and construction waste. And more…

Why do we consider polystyrene an eco-material?

sustainable environment